What's all about!

Here you will find everything you need to know about surfing!

surf: /ˈsəːfn̩/

Part of speech: verb /noun

Meaning/Definition: To stand on a specially designed board (surfboard) while balancing and being carried to shore by the surf waves.

Haha, sounds pretty funny that definition. But it actually says it all: Surfing a wave with the board!

And here we have compiled interesting pages for you, so you know what it’s all about! From now on you can have your say!

Our surf courses

Beginner Lessons

The goal of our beginner surf course is to get you up on the board and surfing safely in white
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Advanced Lessons

In the Advanced Surf Course you will learn to surf the green waves or work on your turns.
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Apartment Lessons

In our Beachapartments we offer single surfing sessions of 2h each. Also for families and kids from 8 years.
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Free Surfing & Rental

If you are already fit on the board, we also offer all types of boards for rent.
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