Registration must be made in writing (by post, fax or email/booking form on the Drop In homepage). The registration becomes binding for the participant upon receipt by the Drop In, for the Drop In it becomes binding upon written confirmation (by post, fax or email).


The participant expressly declares that from a medical point of view there are no objections to practicing surfing and all other (sporting) activities in which he/she participates. All sporting activities are always at your own risk. Only adults (at least 18 years old) are permitted to stay in the Drop In. In exceptional cases, a special agreement can be made between the drop-in and the underage participant and his/her legal guardian.


The travel price includes the services specified in the booking confirmation. The Drop In reserves the right to make changes to individual travel services if these have become necessary after conclusion of the contract and do not significantly affect the overall average of the stay.


Cancellation by the participant is possible at any time and must be made in writing. If the participant withdraws from the contract or does not take part in the trip, he/she must pay the Drop In a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are based on the total price. The following cancellation fees apply:

up to 60 days before departure € 50,00
from 59 to 30 days before the start of the trip 25% of the total amount
from 29 to 15 days before the start of the trip 50% of the total amount
from 14 to 7 days before the start of the trip 75% of the total amount
from the 6th day before departure 100% of the total amount

The time of receipt of the letter of withdrawal by the Drop In is decisive for the calculation of the deadlines. Before the start of the trip, the participant can provide a substitute person who meets the requirements set by the drop-in for the stay (e.g. minimum age 18 years). A fee of € 25.00 will be charged for this.
The Drop In also retains the right to the tour price in the event of bodily injury caused by the participant.
We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.


The Drop In may withdraw from the travel contract before the start of the trip or terminate the travel contract after the start of the trip in the following cases:

a) Cancellation due to a shortfall in the minimum number of participants
If the advertised minimum number of participants is not reached, if the booking confirmation for the respective trip refers to a minimum number of participants, the Drop In has the right to cancel the travel contract up to one week before the start of the trip at the latest. Any payments already made by the participant will be refunded.

b) Cancellation of the contract due to exceptional circumstances
If the stay is not justifiable due to force majeure (e.g. epidemics, storms, catastrophes, war) or unreasonable danger for the participant, the Drop In has the right to terminate the travel contract with immediate effect. The payments made will be refunded, taking into account the costs of the drop-in.

c) Travel exclusion
If the participant persistently disturbs the Drop In during the stay despite a warning from the Drop In or if he/she behaves in such a way contrary to the contract that the immediate termination of the contract is justified, the Drop In can terminate the travel contract without notice. If the Drop In cancels, it retains the right to the travel price.


The Drop In is not liable for accidents, possible traffic obstructions, delays and the associated postponements, as well as for any consequential costs that the participant may incur as a result.
Participation in the surf course, the (sporting) activities offered, the journey to the destination, the use of the services mentioned and the stay are at the participant’s own risk. The Drop In’s liability does not extend to dangers that are inevitably associated with the sport of surfing or the (sporting) activities offered and that are consciously accepted by the participant. It also does not extend to any damage incurred by the participant while surfing or taking part in the (sporting) activities offered through the fault of other participants or third parties. The Drop In accepts no liability for loss of or damage to participants’ property.
The surf equipment, all sports equipment and other items that are the property of the Drop In must be treated properly by the participants. In the event of grossly negligent damage or loss, the participant is liable for the damage incurred.


The contractual liability of Drop In for contractual claims for damages by the participant is limited to three times the tour price for damages, provided that the damage was not caused to the participant intentionally or through gross negligence.


Cancellation insurance is not included in the price. We recommend that you take out such insurance, and it is also advisable to take out luggage and international health insurance.


For the surf course and all other activities offered, the minimum number of participants is 3. If the booking confirmation refers to the minimum number of participants and the cancellation deadline (no later than one week before the start of the trip), the Drop In may declare that the minimum number of participants has not been reached and that the surf course or activity will not take place. The Drop In will send the above declaration to the participant immediately after becoming aware that the number of participants has not been reached, at the latest one week before the start of the trip. The participant may request to take part in another trip of at least equal value if the Drop In is able to offer such a trip from its range at no extra cost. The participant must notify the Drop In of his/her replacement participation immediately upon receipt of the Drop In’s declaration that the number of participants has not been reached. If the participant does not exercise this right, the amount paid by the participant will be refunded immediately.


Changes to the course of the event cannot be ruled out. The program (surf course, individual activities, etc.) may be changed and an alternative program offered, particularly in the event of weather-related risks. In such cases, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the tour price or a partial amount.


The participant agrees that the Drop In will provide a defect-free service or improve the defective service within a reasonable period of time in place of the participant’s claim to rescission or price reduction. Remedial action can be taken in such a way that the defect is rectified or a substitute service of equal or higher value is provided, which also meets with the express approval of the participant. The notification of defects must be made on site. The Drop In may refuse to remedy the situation if it requires disproportionate effort. The participant is obliged to cooperate within the framework of the statutory provisions to avoid or minimize any damage in the event of service disruptions. In particular, the participant is obliged to inform the Drop In of his complaint immediately on site. The latter is instructed to take remedial action if this is possible.


The participant must assert claims against the Drop In for defective travel services, subsequent impossibilities and breach of secondary obligations within one month of the contractually agreed end of the trip. After expiry of the deadline, claims can only be asserted if the participant was unable to meet the deadline through no fault of his own. The participant’s claims expire one year after the contractually agreed end of the trip.


As the arrival and departure of different groups of guests fall on the same day, the necessary cleaning and preparation of the rooms for the new guests may mean that they are not immediately available. The rooms are always cleaned when there is a change of guests and at least once a week. The bathrooms are cleaned daily.


The participant agrees that he/she may be photographed during the trip at events and sporting activities and that these photographs may be used as part of the marketing of the Drop In. This consent can be revoked in writing at any time.
The participant agrees that the personal data collected (inventory data) may be used for market research and marketing purposes. With regard to the registered data of the participants, the Drop In undertakes to comply with the provisions of data protection and media law. In particular, the data will be treated confidentially. The participant can revoke consent in writing at any time. If he has withdrawn his consent, data will not be used in accordance with this paragraph.


The invalidity of individual provisions shall not invalidate the travel contract or the remaining provisions of the small print.


The place of jurisdiction is Lourinha.

Messerschmidt, Lda.
Rua Dr José Carvalho no 37
2530-151 Lourinha, Portugal