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Here are our accommodations

Lourinhã & Praia do Areal

Our accommodations are all located on the “Costa de Prata”, the silver coast of Portugal, 60km north of Lisbon.

Lourinhã, our house beach Praia do Areal and the beach resort Praia da Areia Branca are within walking or biking distance from all accommodations.

Lourinhã is a charming small town with typical Portuguese flair. It is considered the “capital of dinosaurs”, thanks to the large number of finds that exist here. The pedestrian zone is ideal for a leisurely stroll or a meal out. Another attraction is the large skate park, which makes every skater’s heart beat faster.

In the bars and restaurants along the beach promenade of Praia da Areia Branca you can enjoy the sunset in the evening and party until the morning hours.

Besides surfing, the many gorgeous beaches around the camp invite you to sunbathe and have a beer at sunset.


Other places & destinations

There are a lot of great places worth visiting in the surrounding area. On Sundays we offer day trips to Nazaré, Ericeira and Óbidos on request.


Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Surroundings LisbonLisbon is easy to reach from us in 1h and is therefore a perfect destination for a day trip!

In Lisbon, tradition meets innovation. The Portuguese capital offers the perfect combination of up-and-coming metropolis and traditional coziness. The city is so well suited for a day trip because many sights are very central and within walking distance of each other.

It is not without reason that the city is at the top of the bucket list of many travelers.


Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Surroundings NazareNazaré can be reached in about 40 min. to reach by car from us.

Besides the famous Big Waves, Nazaré is also a super nice little place for an excursion. Thanks to the traditional fishing port and idyllic beach promenade, you’ll be immersed in Portuguese traditions during a trip to beautiful Nazaré on the Costa de Prata. In addition to fishing, many other ancient customs are maintained here – and this despite the fact that thousands of vacationers travel to Nazaré every year just to marvel at the highlight of the place: the beach where the most powerful waves in the world are created.


Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Environment SintraIt can definitely be said that Sintra is the destination for the mysterious and romantic in Portugal.

Since 1992 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its cultural landscape.

Sintra, with its magnificent palaces and romantic parks, is considered one of the most charming towns in Portugal and is always worth a visit.


Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Surroundings-EriceiraThe route along the sea between Lourinha and Lisbon is one of the most popular routes of the Portuguese coast. A stopover in Ericeira should definitely be planned.

Ericeira is a beautiful fishing town with a great tradition linked to the sea. Here you can expect many reef surf spots, cool restaurants and cafes, lots of surf stores, a picturesque old town and a lot of serenity.

One of the biggest attractions is the gastronomy full of traditional flavors from the sea like “Peixe Fresco Grelhado” (grilled fresh fish) or “Marisco” (shellfish).


Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Surroundings ObidosThe medieval town of Obidos is one of the most picturesque and best preserved towns in Portugal and worth a visit at any time of the year. Within the city walls there is an impressive castle and a maze of streets and white houses that charm everyone who walks around.

A special attraction of Óbidos is the famous Ginjinha de Óbidos (cherry liqueur), which can be enjoyed in many places, preferably from a small chocolate cup. The city is not very big – a few hours are enough to see it completely.

A special highlight is the medieval festival that takes place every summer in Óbidos.

Other activities in the area

Dino Park Lourinhã

Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Environment Dino ParkThe Dino Park of Lourinhã is an open-air museum located in an area of 10 hectares, which includes 4 routes of the most important epochs of the Earth: the end of the Paleozoic, the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous.

On different circuits through the park you can see more than 120 dinosaur models as well as other animals in original size. The park was designed as an “edutainment” (education + entertainment) principle – a great mix of learning about the evolution of the Earth and fun for the whole family.

In addition to the outdoor activities, you can visit the exhibition of the Museum of Lourinhã, with a fantastic paleontological collection. In the laboratory, you can observe live how fossils are prepared.

Here not only kids get their money’s worth…

Buddha Eden Garden

Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Environment Buddha EdenA visit to the estate “Quinta dos Loridos”, where the Buddha Eden is located, is always recommended. It is the largest Far Eastern garden in Europe and covers an area of about 35 hectares. The garden was created in response to the destruction of the Giant Buddhas of Bamyan, an act of cultural barbarism that destroyed masterpieces of the late Gandhara art period forever. Everywhere in the garden you can admire Buddhas, pagodas, terracotta statues and various sculptures. It is estimated that 6000 tons of marble and granite were used in its construction.

The central staircase is the focal point of the garden. It is flanked by golden Buddhas. Japanese koi carp swim in the central lake, and dragon figures seem to rise from the water. You will also have the opportunity to see 700 hand-painted terracotta soldiers. Each of them is some unique copy of those buried 2,200 years ago. The tranquility of this unusual place will surprise you!

Berlenga Islands

Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Environment-BerlengasThe Berlengas off Peniche consist of 3 islands, the Estelas, the Farilhões and the main island Berlenga, which are located about 10 km off the coast. In this almost completely untouched natural area, a lush plant cover has been preserved, which is characterized by a great diversity of species.

If you are looking for absolute tranquility and unique nature, the Berlenga Islands are just right for you – because only a maximum of 350 people are allowed to stay here at the same time. Hiking trails will take you to the grottoes and the São João Baptista Fortress, and places that invite you to simply take in the breathtaking scenery.

The Berlengas are inhabited year-round, but only to ensure the operation of the lighthouse and to monitor the nature reserve, which is otherwise completely closed off from the outside world. From May to October there is a daily boat service from Peniche. If you want to go to the island at another time of the day or out of season, you can be ferried by small boats – provided the sea is calm. The ride costs about 20€ per person.


Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Environment KartThe kart track is located directly on the main road that connects Lourinhã and Peniche, only 5min away from our camps.

The large track is suitable for both pros and beginners! Here you can either have wild races in a group or make your first experiences at the steering wheel with kids from the age of 8.

If necessary, the railroad can also rent completely…


Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Environment SkateparksBesides the own wooden mini-ramp in the resort and the concrete skatebowl in the beach lodge, there are many skate spots and parks in the area that will make every skater’s heart beat faster!

We will be happy to advise you and tell you where to go!

And through the kind support of TITUS, longboards and skateboards are available for free use in all accommodations!

Mountain biking

Drop In Surf Camp Portugal Environment Mountain BikeThe coast of Portugal is without question a surfing paradise. Endless sandy beaches and world-class surf spots attract surfers here from all over the world. But many do not know that our coast is also excellent for mountain biking!

Our surroundings are super with countless great mountain bike trails. There are plenty of routes through the rustic hinterland past vineyards and olive trees, where you rarely meet other people. Other tours lead over narrow single trails directly along the cliffs and offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. In any case, with all tours you get to know Portugal in a special way.

On Sunday we offer a tour for advanced mountain bikers. And if you want to go out on your own, you can also just rent a bike.