Surf preparation

Get ready!

The preparation & surf training before the start

Those who see surfing only as a sport, do not see it quite right! The feeling of surfing a wave enriches and provides a new attitude towards life. The lifestyle, traveling, making new friends and the continued anticipation of the next surf trip are definitely an integral part of surfing! However, it requires a lot of surfing exercises.

Because the time in the water is also sport! A lot of people think, “Yo, easy, just get on the board and go,” but getting into the lineup takes a lot of stamina and strength. To get the waves then you need timing, strength and speed – and to ride a wave you need good balance and coordination.

Surfing uses muscles that you don’t need in everyday life. Specific preparation is therefore important, but very difficult. But with good preparation, you’ll be more confident and make faster progress!

Basically, you should do a few exercises before every surf trip or visit with us: Doing push-ups and going for a swim are the best ways to have more power in the water – and thus be able to surf more waves!

If you already have a surfboard or know someone who can lend you one, go paddling on the lake. Here you simply train exactly the parts of your body that you need for a successful surf!

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