The fins from the surfboard

The track holders of your surfboard

The fins of the surfboard are the trackers of your board. Depending on the type of board, one to three fins are used. They provide stability and grip on the water and is therefore one of the most important components in the surfboard.

Drop in surf camp portugal fin
They differ in surfboards in their number, arrangement, shape and material.About the fins beginners do not have to worry, because almost every surfboard comes with the appropriate fins.


Single Fin:
The board has only one fin, which is inserted on the underside in the middle of the tail. This variant is mostly found on longboards and malibus.

The most widespread arrangement of fins (3 pieces). A central fin sits as in the single fin in the middle of the tail, two more are placed at the same height slightly further forward and out to create more grip in turns.

Twins usually occur with retro shapes. This fin arrangement is used on wide fishshapes for small waves to make them very easy to turn. The fins sit parallel at the same height of the tail.


The standard models made of plastic such as polycarbonate are the most common fins. In the meantime, however, there are also models made of fiberglass or carbon. However, these fins are only important for very good surfers, because you have to surf very well to notice a difference.


While fins used to be permanently laminated into the board, today there are many different fin box systems for quick installation and removal of fins. The most common system is called Fin Control System (FCS). Here the fin is inserted into special plugs in the boards and fixed with a screw.

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