Surf & Yoga Portugal

The best combination for body and mind

Surfing and yoga

Yoga and surfing - a perfect combination. Both require balance, strength, flexibility and composure. This is just one of the reasons why more and more professional surfers, such as Kelly Slater or Rochelle Ballard practice yoga.

Yoga can perfectly prepare you for surfing by mobilizing muscles and ligaments and getting the circulation going. After surfing yoga helps to relax the body, stretch muscles and ligaments, and active recovery. Pranyama (yoga breathing technique) actively increases lung volume and helps balance body and mind. The resulting inner peace carries you into the lineup and into each of your waves.

For us, however, yoga is not “just” a supplement to surfing, it stands on an equal footing with it. We want to share both passions with you with our yoga and surf retreat in Portugal. Therefore, besides yoga classes and surf lessons, special classes are also part of our program. We will work together on pranayama, alignment and anatomy to help deepen your yoga practice and understanding.

Of course we offer yoga sessions all year round at our surf camp!

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